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The Core Team

Join the core team at Reset Zone and discover a career that means so much more than just a paycheque! Reset Zone is an avid contributor and supporter of the community. We often have internships and volunteer opportunities available for students. Enquire today to join the #ResetZoneTeam!


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RZ Experts

Are you a licensed professional, looking to expand your reach and promote your work across the globe, give back, and promote wellness in your community? As a Reset Zone Expert, you will not only be an advocate for the app, you’ll also receive the opportunity to film and submit guided, one-minute video sessions of your own!


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Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassador team consists of dedicated individuals when it comes to spreading the word about mental health, emotional wellness, and of course, Reset Zone! This opportunity is ideal for people to work abroad while promoting Reset Zone in your community. Sounds fun right? Connect with us and apply to become an ambassador today!


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