Become A Reset Zone Expert

Reset Zone App, Screen "RZ Experts"

Are you are Canadian or U.S. practitioner who is looking to give back and to promote wellness in your community and across the globe? As an Rz Expert, you will not only become an advocate and ambassador of the Reset Zone App, you’ll also have the opportunity to film and submit guided, one-minute video sessions of your own. Give your audience a whole new experience by allowing them to access your tools right from their fingertips, all in one convenient place!

  • Are you a practitioner with a specialty area of expertise such as grief and loss, student life, or parent support?
  • Are you looking for exposure and a residual income stream?
  • Are you interested in extending your reach to benefit a larger community?

If you find yourself replying “Yes – that’s me!” to the questions above, we encourage you to apply to become a Reset Zone Expert! We’d love to have you on our team.

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