How It Works

Learn how to use the Reset Zone App

Reset Zone is an emotional wellness community app platform that provides guided, one-minute video sessions and tools to those looking to reset their emotions, including, anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, stress, and more.

To begin your Reset Zone journey, download the app! (iOS or Android) Once downloaded, you'll be guided through the following steps to reset your day!

Open your Reset Zone App

You'll be asked to accept a disclaimer. Please be sure to read the statement in full.

Identify What You're Feeling

Although it can sometimes be hard to identify which emotion you're feeling during an uncomfortable or overwhelming experience, select the emotion that you believe you can relate to most - anxious, angry, sad, scared, stressed, or another emotion.

Identifying Intensity of Feeling

Once you have selected an emotion, you will be prompted to identify how severe your emotion or feelings may be. Slide your finger over the emotions ranking tool to identify low to high severity. Once you have identified how you are feeling, press “continue” and options for resetting will be presented.

Choose a Recommended Session

You will have the option to select a recommended session or other tools. Should you wish to begin a session, simply select "begin session" and your guided, one-minute video will begin.

Complete Session

Follow the instructions by interacting with the video.

Assess Your Feelings

After viewing the guided video, we'll ask "How do you feel now?” Again, slide your finger of the emotions ranking tool to identify low to high severity. If needed, you can replay the session to continue resetting your mood, or try a different tool. If you are feeling reset, you can close out the session and go back to your day!


Download the app today to discover if Reset Zone is right for you!