Behind The Brand

Learn how Reset Zone came to be

The Concept

Years before the technology was conceivable, Heather Skoll dreamed of a platform or ‘tool box’ that contained coping tips, instructions, and guided videos that could be accessed anywhere in the world – right from someone’s fingertips. These tools would be curated by a supportive community, to help a person reset their mood in times of fear, stress, or anxiety.

Now a reality, Heather’s belief is that if Reset Zone helps just one person to deal with their challenging or overwhelming emotions before they escalate into a more serious problem, bringing Reset Zone to life was worth it. The mission is, and has always been, to prevent people from falling deeper into their stresses and concerns.

Instead of having to sign up for a yoga class or to try and book a last minute therapy appointment, Reset Zone can help to support individuals with day to day emotional wellness issues right away. By dealing with challenging emotions in the moment, and by learning how to recognize symptoms of emotions, Heather believes was can all take better care of ourselves and improve our reactions, our relationships, and our lives.

Heather’s Story

Facing a variety of challenges as a young mom of three boys, Heather fought for over a decade to support her children and their unique needs, too often putting her own needs on the back burner.

Its her own mental health began to suffer as a result, Heather began learning and participating in yoga, martial arts, and Rubenfeld Synergy, working to become the best version of herself – equipped with tools that would help her to take on each new day feeling stronger and healthier. This paradigm shift of approaching her own emotions and her relationship with others inspired Heather to begin an educational journey of becoming a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, public speaker, Rubenfeld Synergist, and the Founder of Reset Zone.

Heather understands first-hand how critical it is to have access to tools that make a busy lifestyle more manageable. She also understands how important it is to not only consider and treat emotions, but also the mental and physical symptoms of emotions – such as shaking, or having shortness of breath, or feeling hot.

Therefore, Heather has designed the tool box she had always dreamed of creating – an app that provides emotional and physical exercises that soothe and build wellness. With the Reset Zone app, individuals can connect their bodies with customizable movements, poses, breath, mindfulness, and self-affirmations that will help them to unlock healthier and happier lives.

The Future of Reset Zone

The 2020 goal for Reset Zone is to solidify the foundation in which our app and online presence exists. It is also our goal to develop partnerships with like-minded individuals, ambassadors, community members, Rz Experts, schools, committees, and corporations who share our mission to support the emotional wellbeing of all people.

Moving forward, we are excited to invest in educational resources such as blog articles, additional videos, print materials, and more. We also hope to extend our educational contributions by speaking at corporate events, leading workshops, talking to students, and working with our partners to raise awareness of Reset Zone’s available tools.

If you are a consultant, practitioner, advocate, manager, or teacher interested in connecting with us, please reach out to our team today!