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Are you are Canadian or U.S. practitioner who is looking to give back and to promote wellness in your community and across the globe? As an Rz Expert, you will not only become an advocate and ambassador of the Reset Zone App, you’ll also have the opportunity to film and submit guided, one-minute video sessions of your own. Give your audience a whole new experience by allowing them to access your tools right from their fingertips, all in one convenient place!

  • Are you a practitioner with a specialty area of expertise such as grief and loss, student life, or parent support?
  • Are you looking for exposure and a residual income stream?
  • Are you interested in extending your reach to benefit a larger community?

If you find yourself replying “Yes – that’s me!” to the questions above, we encourage you to apply to become a Reset Zone Expert! We’d love to have you on our team.


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Meet Our Rz Experts

Cathrine Page, Wellness Practitioner at Reset Zone
Book on WellnessWrxCathrine Page

Cathrine Page is an Integrative Holistic Health Practitioner, Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation Teacher. With over 30 years of experience in the Health Care field, she lives her passion, shares her story and enjoys the journey.  Cathrine offers innovative and new-age technology along with ancient natural and holistic medicines. Blending Eastern and Western Modalities for an enriching experience in cultivating wellness for the mind, body, and soul.

“Embrace your moments, emit your inner light, and embody your story.”

Eleanor Silverberg, Reset Zone ExpertEleanor Silverberg

Eleanor Silverberg, director of Jade Self Development Coaching, is an innovative social worker, author, and speaker. As a grief specialist, her mode of practice stands out combining existing grief strategies with conventional therapeutic models and incorporating them within the 3-A Coping Tool Eleanor developed. The 3-A Tool: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist has been published and widely presented, functioning to empower people so they may self monitor with self-awareness through life-altering situations. Eleanor also trains healthcare professionals to use the tool. She holds a BA in Psychology, Master of Social Work, Certification in Bereavement Education and over 20 years of Grief Studies.

Heather Skoll, Founder & Creator of Reset ZoneBook on WellnessWrx

Heather Skoll

Heather has been a practitioner in the holistic wellness field since 2000. As a Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, Heather pays close attention to movement and breathing to help promote flow in the body to improve health and daily activity.

As a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, Heather facilitates a client’s discovery of their body’s truth and wisdom and helps to facilitate movement through painful emotions towards more peace in life. As a public speaker, Heather shares her story of how her life went from chaos to calm and the tools that helped her on her journey. Heather has been a Toastmaster for over 9 years and has achieved her Distinguished Toastmaster status.

Mike Popovici, Reset Zone ExpertBook on WellnessWrx

Mike Popovici

Mike’s passion is to help people improve the quality of their lives and make the breakthroughs they want for themselves emotionally, physically, mentally, and energetically. To help them awaken the best version of themselves and live in better alignment with themselves.  To self heal, and bring the most of themselves into everything they do – their families, careers, hobbies, personal passions, and spiritual lives if they choose. Mike de-mystifies and connects many eastern & western practices and helps you easily tap into their full effects and potential. He uses Qi Gong as a major tool in doing this because it helps people to realize first hand how disconnected they might be from themselves, how to let go of tension quickly and effectively and find clarity, to release stuck emotions, and how to change their mindset and sustain their energy to support them through the changes they want to make. Keeping their mind, body, and spirit vibrant.  Mike supports in a way that is relatable to the individual – bringing ancient practices to every day common sense for application to real life.

In order to follow his passion of bringing these essential tools to everyone, Mike left his corporate career as an Engineer and a Manager.  He also studied and still practices various other healing arts (Reiki, Yoga, King Solomon lineage healing modalities, Vipassana and various Meditative Techniques to name a few).  This broad range of experience allows Mike to teach from many perspectives and to all types of lifestyles – practically, scientifically, and spiritually.

Rose A. Weinberg, Wellness Wrx Wellness Practitioner and Reset Zone expert.
Book on WellnessWrx

Rose A. Weinberg

Rose A. Weinberg, Cheif Executive Sage, CEO, Founder of WellnessWrx Inc., is a Registered Homeopath, Reiki Master and Educator, a Holistic Nutritionist, also holds a Marketing and Business degree. Rose is a Wellness Expert, Author, Speaker, and a Fulfilled Wife~Mom and loves dogs. She runs a private practice in Richmond Hill, as well leads workshops and talks sharing with audiences of all ages, on T.V., Radio and the big stage, how to live one day at a time with peace, purpose and feelgood energy. Rose transformed her past of panic disorder and fear, into a spiritual journey of wellbeing and helping others live the feelgood life they choose. Over the past 18 years, Rose created a unique approach to sustainable wellness and ensures her clients are educated with the tools and insights to feelgood well beyond their treatments. Rose’s offers peace, purpose and feelgood energy to achieve moments of peace of mind! CEO, Founder The feelgood Company Inc., CEO, Founder, Chair Project BeamON Organization (Non-for-Profit)

Sandra Corrado, Wellness Practitioner and Reset Zone ExpertSandra Corrado

Sandra Corrado, the founder of Next Level Consulting, is an integrative performance and wellness coach, who uses a variety of cutting edge methods to assist people who wish to live a healthy and empowered lifestyle from a mind, body and spirit perspective. She specializes in helping people in crisis or who have felt like their lives have literally crumbled and wish to create the life they would love to experience in all 7 areas of life, spiritual, mental, financial, vocational, social, family and physical . Some of the tools used are various coaching modalities, Demartini Method©, hypnotherapy, fitness, yoga, Reiki, candling and essential oils.

Sara Dimerman, Author and Reset Zone Expert.Sara Dimerman

Sara Dimerman is a Psychologist, registered with the College in Ontario, and author of parenting and relationship books. Check out www.helpmesara.com or follow Sara on Twitter @helpmesara.