The Team

Meet the Core Team behind Reset Zone

Get to know the various members of our passionate and enthusiastic team!

Heather Skoll

Founder Creator

Heather has been a practitioner in the holistic wellness field since 2000. As a Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, Heather pays close attention to movement and breathing to help promote flow in the body to improve health and daily activity.

As a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, Heather facilitates a client’s discovery of their body’s truth and wisdom and helps to facilitate movement through painful emotions towards more peace in life. As a public speaker, Heather shares her story of how her life went from chaos to calm and the tools that helped her on her journey. Heather has been a Toastmaster for over 9 years and has achieved her Distinguished Toastmaster status.

Now as Founder of the app “Reset Zone”, Heather brings together emotional wellness tips and tools. Her idea came out of the desire for people to have tools and techniques at their fingertips at any time. All too often Heather hears “I can’t wait to get to my yoga class” and feels that we don’t need to wait for a class to begin the process of feeling better in our body, mind, or spirit. Heather says “When we pay attention to our emotions and stay with our awareness, we can apply tools to effectively restore our state of well being”.

Heather’s dream is to build a Reset Zone team, culture, and community that supports the wellbeing of others while also supporting the practices of participating Rz Experts.

Heather believes in the power of youth to make a difference in the world. As the Founder of “We Can Change the World Day” in York Region, Heather is always interested in the energy of youth. She hopes that Reset Zone’s growing team will always have a team of dynamic young people both being given opportunity to shine and helping Reset Zone grow and expand.

To learn more, please read Heather’s Story

Marina Layton

Social Media & Communications Manager

Marina Layton has been apart of the Reset Zone Team since early 2019, working as the company’s Social Media & Communications Manager. Marina has worked in the fashion and design industry since the age of 15, obtaining an Immersion French Certificate upon her graduation from high-school. Presently, she is working towards a Diploma in Graphic Design at Georgian College. Marina is an avid animal-lover and passionate equestrian, having over 13 years of experience working with, riding, and training horses. Her hobbies include writing, positive-reinforcement training, art & design, positive mindset, emotional wellness, and all things Reset Zone!

Natasha Radlovic

Communications Director

Natasha Radlovic is the Communications Director for Reset Zone. She brings to the table over 7 years of experience in Public Relations and 6 years of progressive Corporate Communications experience. Natasha has worked in healthcare, technology and education, but her true passion is working in a start-up environment – especially one that focuses on health and emotional wellness! She’s excited to begin a new chapter with Reset Zone and strategize methods to promote and grow the app and the Reset Zone Community.